Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking old

Last week, I got a photo comment from my sister.

She said: "You look so old"

lolz to tell you the truth, I was depressed the whole day from that one single sentence.
I usually stay up late doing those crappy homework without having enough sleep not to mention having to wake up early morning to swimming class!
With all those efforts, what I get is not losing weight but getting old T^T
Oh man!!! Gimme a break. America made me look old, and I hate you a bit for that reason :">

Okay by the way, that pic ain't bad, isn't it? My other friends were like "Be-yotch! I know you photoshopped it! I know your skin is not that smooth before." Well I have to admit America also made my skin looks better so it is fifty fifty haha
And notice the cute doll I hold? Not only does it look cute, but it also can play music. I know you think it is a Cool stuff . lolz but wait :( I spent 15 bucks for that.... Sob.... if somebody happen to buy this little cutie honey tiny shit [lolz i'm kidding mimi (her name) you ain't shit lolz], I would totally spend my entire life with them, and wait next time I will introduce you guys all my dolls, most of which I bought myself :'(

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