Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where you often seek inspiration?

There are times when you feel like you are tired to live in this world. Have you ever felt like the world is just so unfair? You might be born gay, fat, stupid and stuffs. You might always compare yourself to rich, beautiful and smart people, and feel like people like you should not exist in this world?
If you do, you are on my boat. :D
You need to find things that inspire you to overcome this thing, and I have found mine.
My inspiration is disabled people. I have just found that I like working with disabled people, so that I know there are people that wish they are in my position right now. They inspire me to live albeit minor difficulties I may encounter in life. "You are fat, gay or stupid, so what? I have no hands, but I'm still happy, and I love to live in this world." Isn't it inspiring? Thank to those people who keep motivate me.

After all, you should think that maybe you are the reason why all the doors are closed so you can open one that leads you to the perfect road. Find that window, and you will live a happy life ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

International Fair

Having my own very first booth representing Cambodia during the 41th International Fair at Illinois State University is such a great opportunity. It was an exhausting day for me since I am the only one in my university; therefore, I have to decorate everything and explain about Cambodia to many other people alone. However, for my own and my country’s sake, I have put all my effort into attracting people to see the wonderful and rich culture of Cambodia. Honestly, I had always felt so bad to be the only Cambodian. I had always been jealous of those countries that have so many people. However, International Fair taught me one important lesson. Since so many people were interested in Cambodia, I was wondering. What if I were not here? How can these people know about Cambodia? What is the advantage of going to places where people already know a lot about Cambodia? After all, I think the effort I have been put is paid off well, and people really appreciated all new things they have learnt from me today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Korean Look

Today's topic I want to talk about is Korean Look. Probably, you have noticed that most Cambodian people would say "You look like Korean" whenever they see people that look good. I, myself, was told that too :"> EPIC!

However, we all know actually not many normal people in Korea do not have that extraordinary look too. Only those who are on TV and some ordinary people that have the look we are talking about. Plus, Cambodian stars and many other ordinary people also look appealing. Therefore, why do we need to give value to other people?

Stop please. Just say you look good because you are Khmer, not you look good because you look like Korean. That's ough.....

By the way, I'm not being sarcastic to Korean! I love Korea too :-*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Actually, I have been so annoyed when people keep using the words like "Lol, LMAO, ROFL" whenever they end the sentence. For example, they said "I'm just bored, so I come online lol." Okay! Yes, you are bored. But why you need LOL at the end? I mean that doesn't make sense. I'm just bored, so I come online laugh out loud. It sounds to me like they are psycho. Also, some people told me like "Mesa you are so cute lol." Okay thank for your compliment, but why laugh out loud? :( Sorry I just don't get it sometimes.
So guys next time beware of using those words. Put "lol" only when it is really funny to you.
I know you will say I'm bitchy, but who care? LOL :P

This is simple but addicting!
All you have to do is to click the image then focus your awesome eyes on +, and you will realize something will happen

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking old

Last week, I got a photo comment from my sister.

She said: "You look so old"

lolz to tell you the truth, I was depressed the whole day from that one single sentence.
I usually stay up late doing those crappy homework without having enough sleep not to mention having to wake up early morning to swimming class!
With all those efforts, what I get is not losing weight but getting old T^T
Oh man!!! Gimme a break. America made me look old, and I hate you a bit for that reason :">

Okay by the way, that pic ain't bad, isn't it? My other friends were like "Be-yotch! I know you photoshopped it! I know your skin is not that smooth before." Well I have to admit America also made my skin looks better so it is fifty fifty haha
And notice the cute doll I hold? Not only does it look cute, but it also can play music. I know you think it is a Cool stuff . lolz but wait :( I spent 15 bucks for that.... Sob.... if somebody happen to buy this little cutie honey tiny shit [lolz i'm kidding mimi (her name) you ain't shit lolz], I would totally spend my entire life with them, and wait next time I will introduce you guys all my dolls, most of which I bought myself :'(


It was snow day, and we cannot go anywhere because of the damn big piles of snow outside! Instead of going out, we took advantage of the snow and took photos.
My friends were like "Mesa!! Where the heck do you get this frangipani from?" Lolz... Then I was like.. Well.... I got one when I went to Hawai :P
The truth is I have no money to flight to Hawai dude haha! My friend in Massachusette gave me when I went to Massachusette, and isn't it kinda cold to have a flower from Cambodia blossoming in the snow? ;)

One true conversation today

A guy was sitting on the table of dinning center. Then I told my friend.
Me: OMG! Look at that guy... He is an asshole
My friend: Ohhh... Kayy.... but which one u refer to? You know? you have to be specific when you are in this school.
Me: (Speechless) lolz and I was laughing cos I understand what she infered

Missing Home

I thought I got used to the feeling of waking up without family and friends around after staying in America for 6 months. Actually, I'm still missing them. This morning, I dreamt of my mother making me breakfast while I'm playing with my little nephew. Then I am ready to go to RUPP. The alarm rang, and I woke up. I'm still here in the bed of Manchester Hall. I woke up crying feeling so helpless and tired. I'm tired of tons of homework. I'm tired of those hundreds of books I have to read each day. I have to admit that what I am studying right now is ways beyond my ability :(

I hope 12 weeks run faster so that I can go back home :) I was asked maybe a million times if I wanted to stay here. NO! I love Cambodia, place where I meet family and friends who share the same idea to me, and I can't wait to go back home :D