Sunday, February 13, 2011

International Fair

Having my own very first booth representing Cambodia during the 41th International Fair at Illinois State University is such a great opportunity. It was an exhausting day for me since I am the only one in my university; therefore, I have to decorate everything and explain about Cambodia to many other people alone. However, for my own and my country’s sake, I have put all my effort into attracting people to see the wonderful and rich culture of Cambodia. Honestly, I had always felt so bad to be the only Cambodian. I had always been jealous of those countries that have so many people. However, International Fair taught me one important lesson. Since so many people were interested in Cambodia, I was wondering. What if I were not here? How can these people know about Cambodia? What is the advantage of going to places where people already know a lot about Cambodia? After all, I think the effort I have been put is paid off well, and people really appreciated all new things they have learnt from me today.


  1. yes :( I did everything alone :) I brought some stuffs from cambodia, design some posters, and draw some board ^^ Then this is the result haha :D I love my work so much