Friday, August 5, 2011

One Thing I want to Complain

So I have been so freaking irritated by the whole idea of how those so-called “cool” guys being an extreme homophobia and always assuming promiscuity of each and every “queer” they meet.
Perhaps, those who know me will know why I disgust talking to boys. I just hate how judgmental they are toward a “sissy” people like me. Some days I will have to do something with those guys probably using media.
First of all, I really hate talking to guys I do not know. Whenever I talk to them first, they would think I am interested in them blah blah blah. Yet, when I do not talk to them, they would say “Ter Ja Rek Srey Sa Art” which literally mean “Act like a beautiful girl.” Come on…. Can you guys just cut it off? Don’t you know how hard it is to always try to please all of your opinions toward me every single time?
Nevertheless, I would not give too much sh*t toward the first type. What pisses me off the most is the second type. Those are guys either I just know or I have known for quite sometimes. It is very annoying when I start to get close to a guy and everyone around just keep saying we are in love. In this life, probably I won’t make even a single good boy friend (and I mean male friend FYI). Every time we get closer, often time, we are jeered of being in “relationship.” Finally, we would end up talking less or even stop talking to each other to avoid misassumption of those people.
Last but most importantly, it is so painful when someone I am so close with feel like I am trying to court him. Oh god puh lez…. I am so tired. Guys I am so tired of you all. I’m nice to everyone I want to be friend with, and please stop feeling I am trying to make you special.
Okay to all you "awesome" guys out there, here is something I want to shout out to you.
1. “Don’t judge book by its cover.” It is as simple as that, so use your brain. Your stereotype is annoying and ruining people’s joy of life. Give others a break and stop thinking every gay out there is so desperate to get you.
2. When your good “gay” friends are nice to you, it does not mean they are falling for you. They just need a good friend, a damn friend, so stop being so ego about yourself.
3. Go f*ck yourself if you still feel too proud of yourself, and the picture below is for you ;)
"PRIDE" can you understand that word? Everyone has his or her own pride, and please don't feel like you are higher than others.
Hope you learn something from that. Phew………………..


  1. aw.. molika :) sometimes I'm just a little upset of how people treating me so yeah only this place that I can complain haha