Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Time Things :)

Okay so basically I am going to list top 3 things which I am able to do for the first time of my life when I am in Chiang Mai.
1. I have never known how debate works. All I know is that debating is arguing to win. You can scream loud with some good points then you can win. However, from the camp, I have an opportunity to really understand how all those things work and have load of chance to debate. From that, I have boosted my confident, and my speech has improved significantly. Specially, the result I received was fruitful since my group won the championship.
2. It was the first time that I dance in front of public that hard. I became so open and willing to dance with everyone. I used to be that person who cannot be touched physically. However, in the dance, I was so comfortable that I could dance a bit wilder with everyone.
3. The last but most exciting thing I did was kissing @_@ I know for some of you, it might sound so promiscuous. However, I just feel like I am adult now, and I should somehow experience this thing at some point. It was an awkward moment, and I did not do anything. So yeah I was so passive. Experience is what counted and I am not regret of doing it!
The image of that moment keeps popping up in my head till now. Nothing is strange since first time thing will be the most memorable thing ever.
You all might think I change, but I feel like life is somehow boring if I cannot do all those things most adult can do.

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