Thursday, August 19, 2010

Portluck Party

My favorite dishes every


International Students

My friend and her Sweden friend

With my folks
It is Wednesday's evening, and all new international students around 200 are invited to join a portluck party. We were given a number, and I was told it was the lucky draw. I saw number 3 or 4 of number 13 so I picked that number since I thought it was something to do in group work. I did see some number that existed only 1 so I didn't pick.
People were asking where I were from, and I told them Cambodia. They were so surprised because it is the first time for most of them to see a Cambodian. I am that happy about being unique and the only one here. OK now it came the eating time and I swear it was my best food since I come to ISU. I didn't have time to take a picture since people were in queue. I could eat a lot of Asian food, especially my favorite Chinese food with rice. My goodness I was so grateful for the evening. The second section of the program is the lucky draw, and guess what. The number with the least holder won the first prize. My friend from Malaysia got around 30 people who share the same number to her. Poor her she got a sticker and a pencil. I got a Tshirt. I should have picked the number that had only one. There were around ten people who won the big prize which are bicycle, tv, refrigerator, and money. My gosh... I am so jealous.
I am going to have a picnic on Saturday, so I hope it going to be fun


  1. Cool Dude......Hope u will enjoy more....Hahahha...Kmesa

  2. Happy to hear that, mesa. I hope you will have more fun on saturday :)))

  3. Sound like you really enjoy ur time in America. Welcome to America!!! I hope that you will be doing great and hope to see you here. Anyway, which state are u living in?
    From Malaka, YESer

  4. I love it man. it is so much fun to read your stories.

  5. Look great Mesa! You are awesome!