Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day at ISU

Phew.... I am done with clothes hanging stuffs

My roommate has not arrived yet so his bed is occupied

My bed (1/3 of the size of my bed in Cambodia)

Me and my Indian friends

Manchester Hall (the taller building) is my dorm

Me and Roger with the Cambodian shirt

August 16th, and now I am moving to ISU for the very first time. I have met many nice people and some not-so-nice people. The day is exclusively for international students coming to check in. I was like wishing there was another Cambodian student in and I will be thankful to god. Hell no! No single Cambodian in ISU. I think most international students are from China, India and Korea. Chinese people.... OMG... There are just SO many of them. They were like speaking Chinese every single minutes. I wonder if they want to speak Chinese why not just study in China. It is America, and people come here to improve English. Whatever, I think I might speak Khmer too if there were Cambodian people here.
On the very first day I have met so many nice people. Firstly, I met Shi Ee, a Global Ugrader from Malaysia, and I think we are pretty close just on the first day. I met Sheena, Sarita and Washes from India. They were very friendly. Sarita assisted me in opening a bank account. Well.... at least she got 10$ if she brings a customer to the bank though. I made friends with many other freindly people too.
After that we went to Walmart to purchase things for our room. Thank god! I brought almost everything from Cambodia so that I don't have to waste my money buying those things again.

The thing I hate the most on my first day is unpacking my luggages. There are so many stuff to be organized. My room was SO mess up.
Alright at least I am done by 1 pm.
My roommate hasn't moved in yet, so I have no idea how he looks like.
I do hate the bed. Its size is like 1/3 of my bed size in Cambodia. It suxs ....
Tomorrow is my orientation day and I will take photos with all my friends. (I forgot to bring camera when we hanged out)


  1. the chair and the bed is exactly the same as the one i had at SIUC...lolzzz Illinois's universities have pretty much the same tast...:D

  2. Thanks for the photos. Nice to see them! And thanks for sharing your experience in the western country like US. It's interesting. Keep posting!


  3. That sounds really interesting but also funny too... haha... start enjoying yr life there!!! G1

  4. Dont messy your room as home na....Nice and organised room...

  5. Hey friends,
    I can find some fantastic photos here...
    Wait to see other photos soon...

  6. Looks different from when I graduated in 1996.