Monday, August 16, 2010

My first day

Walking on the bridge taking some view

Good place to walk and do exercise


Leah and Roger's sweet home

My sweet room at host family's house not my dorm

Finally, I arrived the small town of Normal, Illinois. I was warmly welcomed by Roger and Leah, my host family. My room was pretty sweet. We talked, and they asked me a lot about Cambodia. I was able to answer all the questions except for geography thing.
After lunch, Roger and Leah took me out to do some shopping. We went to Bestbuy, Walmart and Meijer. After that, we took a tour drive around Illinois State University campus to familiarize me of the location.
We went to eat out at a Chinese Restaurant, and amazingly I was the only one who can use chopsticks. I have never known that it is such a hard task for western people to use chopsticks.
Now we got home, and I came out to walk with Roger around the town. It is so green everywhere, and we walked like 1 Km before coming back. Pretty exhausted but fun.
Ok that's it! I am moving to school in next 4 hours so I'm sure many things to do.

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