Monday, August 16, 2010


Atlanta in Georgia, got stuck for another 9 hours sleepingover

Sovannaphumi Airport

My first flight to America was one of the most disastrous moments I have ever had in my life.

It was 6 pm August 13th, 2010, and I was at home preparing to leave for the airport. Many of my friends were coming wanting to see me off at the airport. The damn pouring rain stopped their will and kindness. It was bloody flooding everywhere in the city. It was like we were living in the floating village. After that, I decided to come with my family leaving them at my home due to difficulty in transportation. It was sad, wasn’t it? At the airport, departure time was close, and therefore I needed to leave without a proper goodbye to my family. Well, at least they didn’t have time to be sad as I did on the way.

My first flight was from Phnom Penh International Airport to BKK (20:25 to 21:30). Over there, I walked, ate, and did some mighty sleep (afraid I might wake up late because I have no alarm clock with me). It was extremely boring transiting for like 8 hours. I was also nervous about my next flight since it is my first time flying alone. As a result, I swallowed my pride and began talking to an American man. He was very kind and helpful. I spent another 6h35min for my flight from BKK to TOKYO (5:40 to 14:15) [Tokyo is 2 hours later than BKK]. My next flight was in 50 mins. That man assisted me till I boarded. He taught me a lesson. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People will help you if they can,” he said. Well, I guess it doesn’t always true because I also meet some mean people here, especially black people. I am not racist or whatever, but this is what I have met.

Then it came my flight to America. It took 12h 54min to fly from Tokyo to New York (15:10 to 15:04). I was quite nervous since I have another flight in 1h20min. I heard that the custom check was very time consuming and hence I may miss my flight. The plane landed in New York 15min earlier, and I was very thankful. Nevertheless, I didn’t know what the hell they were doing. They didn’t let us leave the plane for like 1 hour, so I was pretty sure that I am going to miss my next flight. Meanwhile, my nose started bleeding. That’s crazy. After leaving the plane I went to take my luggage. I wondered where the custom check was. I thought I hadn’t been to custom check yet, but in fact I did and it was pretty easy. My next flight from New York to Atlanta was delayed due to weather. I was supposed to leave at 16:35 but it was changed to 19 or 20 something minutes. I was a bit dizzy because of jet lag I presume. People there were saying like “FUCK, SHIT, DAMN, ASSHOLE” to the flight attendance when they apology for the delay. This is the first thing I have ever seen. Cursing the attendant is weird and is also an experience I never ever see. I guess this is the most enjoyable flight I have. You know why? I was sitting next to a guy named Mark. He was born in America and originated from the Philippine. He was very kind and hot of course. He gave me the contact and told me I should call him out when I visit New York. That was wicked.

Here it comes another crazy part. My flight to Bloomington was gone, and so I have to catch another flight on August 15th, 2010 at 8:24 am. Damn! I have to wait another 8 hours in the airport. It was scary. Seeing those black people I dare not to talk to them. They are just too mean. And to kill my time, I am writing this hoping you guys enjoy it.

Sorry I don’t have any good or exciting photos to share because I was so dizzy.


  1. Good experience and of course, u a really brave to travel with a very long way alone...dat's great!

  2. thank fren :) it is also a good experience :)

  3. Such a disastrous as u said, dude.. I must be so scared too if i were u..hahha.. damm it... but luckily, u're there now.. :)

  4. Umm.. thanks for sharing your experience, Mesa. And I am proud of you as you managed all these difficult situations pretty well. I wonder whether or not I could do like you if I were in your shoes. Okay, now time to enjoy your life there in the states! Keep us posted of any interesting story.

    Blessings, Mikey

  5. that's great!
    wish you get all the best!

  6. Hey dude, I like it so much man.
    That is amazing. Let's share me some more stories.
    Don't be lazy to write; I am one of the fan who wish to read yours na dude:->
    Are those black people that bad?

  7. Yeah I was so scared at that time. Luckily there were nice people everywhere that will help you. Tivea not all but as i see almost all white pp are helpful and friendly. Black pp hmmmm they are a bit more nasty.
    I am happy that there are people reading this, so that I can update more :)

  8. Good luck make me feel so worried....take care