Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank to Smartphones

Today when I was reading the Cambodia Daily, I was freaking out to see an article reporting on the corruption and students cheating occurring during the high school national exam. They somehow included a good short interview with a student, and it is interesting how he was talking about the use of his mobile to help him in the exam. He just said “One of my friends was able to get answer from Internet.” Nevertheless, I can imagine how the process is like.

Perhaps, people would not be so surprised about the whole corruption and cheating issues. However, I was super abashed to see how smart students in this generation have become. They surely do know the best use of their multifunctional mobile phone, iPhone specifically, and current advanced fast and cheap accessible internet.

Probably, one would know the process of giving answer sheets in the past. Before, students who were not so committed into studying often asked for salvation from their relatives and friends during exam. Their relatives or friends often hired an expert in the right field or buy the answer from others to throw it into the exam venue or use mobile to call out the answer if it is just a literature or writing exam.

In this advanced world, we all have known that mobile phone is no longer a talking machine. Current mobile phones do almost as many functions as a laptop can, and Cambodian young people know the best use of it.
So here is how the process has slightly changed. Same things happen with how their relatives and friends need to stay with an expert once the exam questions release. The only difference is that once those experts answer, they simply need to scan it and send the answer sheet via email to the exam takers. Inside the room, students just open their mobile phone, and every answer to the questions is there.

A small mobile phone is enough to be best in cheating. I wonder how the Ministry of Education would deal with this issue. Most likely, they may need a scanning machine outside the school to check for electronic equipment before entering to do exam.
Let’s see together how exam in the next generation would turn out to be.

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  1. Lol... I think this should be published. Very well-written as always.