Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Backup Plan

Recently, I have just realized one important life matter. I suddenly do feel that I will never ever be a very victorious person if I keep working on Public Relations in my entire life. After having gone through some serious PR work, my natural characteristics can be a huge disadvantage in this field. My biggest concern is speech problem. Whenever I try to use Khmer academic words, I begin to feel awkward and forget what I want to say. Something about the impression people make when I speak do not make me feel comfortable. Also, I do not have people skills, and I, often time, find it very hard to talk to people. With these problems, no matter how good I am, I won’t be able to make it to the top level.

This somehow made me feel hopeless of my life. All of a sudden, I just recall my naive dream when I was a teenager. In high school, I really wanted to be an ambassador or at least working in embassy. This dream ended when I realize there was no International Relations government scholarship course provided.

So here is my backup plan. Hopefully, I will be able to pursue my Master Degree in International Relations. Some people cannot distinguish between PR and IR. The two jobs are both about building relations between one institution to others. Nevertheless, what make me feel confident about working in IR is that I will need to deal with more paper work and less people. Besides, foreign languages do matter more than PR, and so I do not have to feel awkward whenever I start talking again. Nothing is happier than staying in my comfort zone while doing what I like.

So yeah finger crossed for my decision. From now on, I just have to work on my PR work and build strong background with my languages skills. Fighting Mesa!!! 你一定会的!โชคดี


  1. Great that you can always find what to inspire u to achieve it and never let it down you yourself.

  2. If you're serious about IR, you'll gradually see that it involves no less speeches than PR. But whatever you do, I think you'll do it well, since you're a "cute" speaker :D.