Monday, June 6, 2011

Tomorrow English test :)

It is kinda weird but tomorrow I am going to do that odd English Proficiency test for my internship @_@ It somehow freaks me out! I remember sending them my TOEFL score :-| What can be more legit than TOEFL to the US? Well, I have to find out tomorrow.

Anyway, I really need that internship. For one thing, I would hate myself so bad if I fail since I have both experience and qualification. Therefore, if I fail, it means there is something wrong with my personality, which I have never trusted on. It will also lower my self-esteem to another degree. Plus, if I fail, I would have to work my ass off to find another place simply because I cannot get my degree without internship. It is all part of school's requirement.
I had better wish tomorrow is my good day :) so yeah just smile in the morning and good night world :D

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