Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm back :)

Long time no see folks! Some people have asked me why I had been so quiet in blogging since I came back from USA?
Well, actually I have been so busy with the whole hanging out, clubbing, partying and travelling thing that I have no mood to write anymore.
Just kidding! Lol!! Honestly speaking, I have been so depressed not being able to update the blog. However, I'm using Metfone to use the Internet. That freaking company is annoying. I have no idea why on earth it has to block blogspot.
So many things have happened when I return: the birth, death, drama, happiness, tear and many other things I wish I had shared. Let's them go and now I can start updating what I am doing with my life.
It has come to my attention that it feels so hard not having this blog since to me, this is the best place to be when I feel lonely and want to find somewhere to throw my emotion to. That explains why I named it "Mesa's Diary"
Alright enough for the re-introduction. Will talk to you later :)

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