Friday, August 17, 2012

Mesa's Back

It has almost been a year since I last blogged. It has almost been 36 weeks since I hid all my emotion and feeling aside without expressing them not knowing to whom these may concern. And it has almost been 300 days since I last sat and wrote what I have encountered in life.

Hello Diary! I hope you have been well. Since I last met you, I have been through a lot in life: the worst and the best. It is not that I forget you or have nothing to tell you. It is just that I have been buried in mountains of work and responsibility and Yes I know it is part of life, but I promise to visit you more often from now on.

My Beloved Diary-- You are the only one I can tell and be honest with how I feel. You are the only one that I can tell just about anything and will never get bored. I hope you don't mind me.

Please get ready for stories :D

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